domingo, 6 de enero de 2008

An Easy Thing to Visualize

Lately, I've been getting more into taking HDR pictures because it simply allows you to take pictures that more "accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to shadows."

Essentially, this is doing something that would be impossible with a normal camera, and is another step towards the real thing (like HD content in general).

For me though, it is an easy way to see what technology can potentially do, and in this case - more accurately depict the view I had of a beautiful canal in Annecy, France.

I am a visual learner. Geometry comes easier for me than Algebra. As it was for me, it is for many people: it is easier to show them picture than to explain something. And often, this is case with the tech industry.

Many of my co-workers and friends spend a great deal of time getting information off the internet, some of them have realized the benefit of RSS feeds (ironically standing for Really Simple Syndication), and it might be safe to say that if they understood the idea of it and the benefit of employing it, they might jump on board netvibes as well.

But why aren't these people there? It could be that they have visualized it, and don't see the benefit (like with Twitter?) and it could be that people just like the presentation of information more than the consolidation of it. After all, people still love their newspapers in the morning. Really, it all comes down to incentives (again).

Will my friends and family benefit more from seeing such an HDR image? I like to think so, though there is no guarantee. But it is out there, the before and after, perfectly contrasted in theory and color, ready for their judgment. And most will probably not even notice the difference (though many will because HDR images can easily be taken too far).


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