sábado, 10 de mayo de 2008

Apple in the Corporate World?

An article form Business Week examines Apple Computer's position in front of the corporate computing market.

"More office workers infatuated with iPods and iPhones are demanding Macs. Is business ready? Is Apple?" (From Business Week, Cover Story, May 2008).

Business Week points out that Apple had always directed their products at the consumer market. The Apple Style of design, big launches, and ever converging products always made sense for the common user and huge fan-base. Could Apple have predicted that the success with consumers would eventually lead into an easy entry in the corporate world? Was this the plan all along?

Dell and others have had a hard time entering and holding on to their Business share (it does require huge customer service and IT investment). Apple may have just entered into corporate computing without even campaigning for it.

The article only alludes to the possibility of a plan all along, and underlines what the next step may be and what challenges could exist (there are many). Regardless, Apple's situation is an example of how a business strategy must progressively consider where your business finds itself in the market.
  • The iPhone has been the only product directly marketed to business men as well as consumers. A huge adoption rate is another reason for a business to consider crossing the bridge in the office. Perhaps this is indicative of Apple's real intentions.
  • The Windows Vista debacle has only paved the way for Apple's transition to the office.
For the entire article, "The Mac in the Gray Flannel Suit", please visit the Business Week's website.

sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

Twitter in plain english

Para aquellos que aún no entienden a qué va Twitter...

Otro aporte de Lee y Sachi LeFever en The CommonCraft Show

PD: En todo caso, como me contaba Mack Collier el otro día, el what are you doing? es muy restrictivo frente al real potencial comunicacional de la herramienta.

viernes, 2 de mayo de 2008

Internet TV

Consumidor: Veo lo que quiero. Cuando quiero. Productor: Tengo audiencia total.

La visión del creador de Veoh

The Grid y su infinito potencial