sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

Twitter in plain english

Para aquellos que aún no entienden a qué va Twitter...

Otro aporte de Lee y Sachi LeFever en The CommonCraft Show

PD: En todo caso, como me contaba Mack Collier el otro día, el what are you doing? es muy restrictivo frente al real potencial comunicacional de la herramienta.

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  1. Yo creo que Carla tiene mucho tiempo libre para ver esas cotidianas cosas que hacen sus amigos...

  2. Luis, justamente esa es la gracia. Twitter te ahorra mucho tiempo al informarte de lo que te interesa. Si no te interesa, nadie te obliga a seguirlo ;). Claro, y si nada te interesa... no tengas Twitter :D

  3. Rick Tawny, unforatunately... there are no new arguments here and still the same problems (scaling, going mainstream)...

    saying that this takes off at a conferences has no merit because of the sample size (people at tech conferences are open to new tech services)...

    Remember this: A service is only as strong as its network. Thats your problem, not enough people read your twitterings....

    I think it may have a future if it becomes more visible in the common mobile market, the best idea may be to integrate the service itself into smartphones (as has been suggested). It seems easy enough to post something, but the trick is to start bringing new people to read it.

  4. Ok Riley. Again: I agree with you.
    I never said that Twitter is the eight wonder of the world. I always said that "it will be".
    And all the signs in our great universe show me am right. :D

    Mobile phones, mobile computers, mobile sunglasses... whatever, nanoblogging everywhere!