jueves, 5 de julio de 2007

Still Much to Learn...

Our academic adventures in Spain have come to an end but we still plan to press on with our project here. All of us don't exactly know whats in store for us, but we are all now a bit more comfortable in trying to confront it....

Listening to what my classmates had to say about their professional experiences in the field was a fascinating experience, considering I've had had the opportunity to see these people grow professionally, and know who they are personally. Suddenly, what they are presenting about has much more resonance.

And although I might try to forget about all of our school work just after graduating, there was one presentation I can't seem to get out of my head - that of Sebastian Garces, and his work with El Diario de Navarra.

It stood out for a number of reasons:
  • It was about the only small town experience (Pamplona), when the rest of us left for the bigger cities and business in Europe
  • It was about conventional media (newspaper) when the rest of us were exploring Web 2.0 options and mobile platforms
  • It was about seemingly niche markets when other themes centered around impending competition or growth
  • And, it was really the only profitable company talked about
It made me think about the the whole idea of Old vs. New, Traditional vs. Cutting Edge, as it clearly is manifested in our world of media and communications. And it also implies that nobody really has the secret to success in this ever changing world...

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  1. I agree completely with you.
    I only would like to add "my bet" in this comment.
    In a few years from now, information would be so easily to get for anyone (almost free) that newspapers and traditional media would have to make a little change in their business model.
    In the future, they would need to win the trust of their consumers providing better and specialized content and other stuff (like discounts or social benefits) for mantain the fidelity around their brands.
    Saludos desde Chile!!