viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2007

Branding Issues?

A couple months into a new job and I find the company struggling with trying to find a way to improve corporate image. Now the bosses have decided to react, and jump into a re-branding of a certain degree. However, different lines of thought concerning theory and strategy are surfacing at different managerial levels. Any progress has subequently been limited. It has all the makings of an all too familiar HBSP Case Study from class...

Over at (a great site for topic based PPT presentations), I stumbled upon a presentation that gave a bit of insigt into the present situation. And, perhaps a bit vicariously, I wanted to share it with who I could.

For the direct link: click here

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  1. Nice ppt!
    Yeah, the brand building issue now should be the biggest concern of all companies and there are so many that don't have this to clear...