jueves, 24 de mayo de 2007

New Department

We´ll be bringing in another language into the fray here, not to marginalize anyone, but expanding into the bilingual realm which many here seem to be a part of anyway.

Being another mgeciano, I´ve come away with the idea that a lot can be covered in Media Management. And I have a personal fascination with not only the idea of the convergence of media and new 2.0s (or 3.0s), but also with the theoretical application and practices of such matters and social consequences resulting from them - I love the iPod, but hate the idea that everyone everywhere has these little white wires falling out of their ears.

I´m currently in Madrid working on the mobile phone side of the movement (and apparently in the direction its all heading). This blog is a great extension for me in this sense, to be able to perceive it from a different angle - maybe one could call it Work 2.0. (Theres too many .0s out there). Haztalogo.

3 comentarios:

  1. As most new media developments are being made in english language I think developing 'new department' for English language is not such a bad idea.
    I do not however have an IPOD, does this matter?
    Best of luck

  2. Hello Mike,

    I think that's not a major problem. But if you can buy one... is a nice gadget.

  3. Hey Mike, I only recently got my iPod because I knew I would be traveling (for long trips its nice). Generally, I try to stay off of it in public though. To tell you the truth, I could just as easily survive without it...

    Best of luck to you too!